giovedì 29 maggio 2014

Hello and good afternoon to everyone, I am Daniel!

I am Daniel and I am arriving from London where I have been living for the past three years. I grew up in Spain but left some years ago to live/study and work in a number of places. Mostly, I have spent years in Antwerp, Berlin, London and Beirut.

Currently, I work at Goldsmiths University as a library assistant, giving advice to students on bibliography and helping them to shape their research in the field of visual culture. Likewise, I am completing a MA in Global arts, a programme that aims to map out how, in the 21st century, creative practices constitute new realities within globalization.

My personal research analyzes the writings of women during the dictatorships of the Southern Cone (Chile and Argentina in particular) and how they managed to create through literature and language a new symbolic order upon which to begin a process of social renewal in conditions of acute repression.

Parallel to this research, I followed last year a program on Certificate Language Teaching for Adults, which included three months teaching experience at the Cervantes Institute here in London and I have taken courses on languages, dance technique and choreography quite for the past 6 years. 

My teaching experience is so far limited but I am interested in developing it further in the field of informal education through the creation of workshops that would address issues of current importance to the participants. My aim is to put literature, the collective consciousness and choreography in dialogue in an intellectually thriving environment with the hope to clear space for new avenues of research. Hence, knowledge could be disseminated, shared, taught, reflected, and experienced. My interest lays in how interdisciplinary shared knowledge can be made sustainable and conducive towards a more just society in which social cohesion and integration prevail over individualism.

I am looking forward to join all of you in this workshop to share time with you and to brainstorm about new ways of tackling the fascinating and necessary issue of adult education in these very fast shifting times.

See you all soon in July :)

P.S.: before I go, please, if you have time have a look at this great article on informal education practices taking place in London.

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