domenica 15 giugno 2014

A little stage

Some experiences about the theatre pedagogics

My pupils are 7-8 years old. We can take for example Charlie Brown: I read the book of him or we watch Peanuts on the video. So we get to know Charlie. Every pupils has got in his mind his own image of Charlie. We begin to draw him.
Then we work either alone or in pairs. I give a box to pupils, It can be a shoe box or a chocolate box.
Pupils begin to create Charlie´s environment; his room or outside space.  We use all kind little things; matchboxes, old wallpapers, everything we find at school etc. When "homes" are ready with beds, paintings on the wall, televisions, sofas etc. children put Charlie to live there. And they can play with these little houses.
Now we can begin to write little stories about Charlie´s life. Later we can perform little plays about his adventures. Usually pupils write first the plays by hand. Then we write them with the computer.
If we have a puppet show we can pre record the dialogue. So all can hear it. The voice of little
pupils is not always strong enough. We use also much music in our plays.

Anne from Finland


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