sabato 21 giugno 2014

Teaching/learning experience

I`m a primary school teacher. Primary classes have a very important role in training and language development and in children`s literacy.
At the age of 6, the child feels attracted to stories, he understands poem’s message and he starts to feel emotions and feelings about the read stories.
The main objective for the primary classes is learning reading- writing using the synthetic analytical phonics method.  This method involves starting with the sentence - the child counts the words, he separates the syllables and indentifies the sounds. The child understands that sounds are heard and the letter is the symbol for the sound.   
For easy learning of letters and reading I used the following strategies:
-modeling plasticine letters,
-copying, transcribing letters, words, sentences,
-composition and writing short sentences,
-ordering of words in sentences,
-writing messages,
-contour tracing letters,
-writing by dictation,
-match word- image,

-coloring letters.

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