sabato 28 giugno 2014

Few words about my teaching/learning experience

I teach basic IT competence to pupils from different minority groups as well as to adult learners from the area, and I haven’t too much experience in teaching a foreign language in particular.

But I have wonderful observations and experience of learning a foreign language (English), which I’ve gained during my one-year training at the prestigious Telford College in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

There I was able to take a first-hand look at various interactive methods of teaching a foreign language at this college. I was impressed from the way that the college’s teachers approached individually to work with each student, from excellent organization of the training, from provided rich material base to learning students, and the approach based on problem-solving method for every problem in the process of learning.
One of the most important methods were the presence and using of some IT training, personal approach to every student, the model of informal communication, etc. 

Experience gained there was important to me - some of the elements of teaching I’m using when I teach to my adult and young learners. 

As weaknesses I can highlight may be only very intense rhythm of teaching and the presence of very little free time for recreation of students.

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