martedì 24 giugno 2014

"Teaching/learning experience"

       I work as a primary school teacher in Romania, but in a Hungarian-speaking class. Hungarians are a minority here, but they have the right to study in their maternal language. Also it is obligatory for the children to learn the Romanian from the first class as their second language. They have Romanian language classes four hours a week.
My classroom

In the first year the main purpose is to learn how to express themselves, so the orality is very important. That's why in the textbooks we use are many images/flashcards, which help them to learn the basic words, notions, expressions.

My family
We talk about the pictures, we practise dialogues, make role-play activities, I teach them songs and poems too. In the second school year they not only learn the alphabet, but also they have to read and write in Romanian. Now the textbook contains short texts which help them to acquire reading skills and it contains many writing exercises too. 
    In the third and fourth year the children continue to enrich their vocabulary, and also to improve their speaking, reading and writing skills.

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