mercoledì 25 giugno 2014


Hello my friends,
I would like to share with you an experience at the L2 course (French as a foreign language).
It was a collaboration between two classes of French as a foreign language – FLE that took place this year: the 2nd primary school of Paiania, Greece and the Canadian primary school of Warsaw, Poland.
The project that you can see in the presentation below was part of the
 Virtual e-class community project 2013/2014
Subject: «Voyage en Europe. Arrêts en France et en Pologne»
Children communicate through skype, exchange letters, works, souvenirs,
They describe their schools, cities, school life, interests…
This project developed many skills like
social and intercultural skills as well as the motivation of children to learning.
You can see the presentation here:
As it was a bi-lateral exchange, we managed to have a good contact between the two classes and cultures. It has been one of the best experiences we have ever had in L2 course for teachers and students! 
A second experience I would like to share is the project “ Oh toi, ma Méditterannée”
It was developed with the same class of L2 (2nd primary school of Paiania) this year too.
It was an interdisciplinary project with the collaboration of three teachers: Foreign language, Music and Art course.
The project developed many skills like cultural, ecological, creative writing, singing and of course motivation to learning.
You can see the work in the blog of our school. Listen to the song. It’s worthwhile!
Best regards,
Sofia Lahlou

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