lunedì 9 giugno 2014

Experiences and moments in my school


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  1. Hello from Finland!

    I teach Italian to adults in the evening after my day in the elementary school. Some opinions about adult teaching:

    The people come to lessons in their free time after their work. Usually we have got two lessons without a break, together 1,5 hours. It is not a long time but it can be if the teacher doesn´t give enough activities. I have tried to start study Spain three times and I have finished the lessons pretty soon because sometimes the teacher has been interested only about his computer, he has been very boring only giving the ready answers to students in paper without speaking not at all. Sometimes the teacher has put our to have a conversation in pairs and he hasn´t checked our pronunciation, The lessons have been so dull and I have been nearly sleeping.
    In my own lessons I try to get my group to move a bit; we change pairs etc. After the text book or some exercise we listen the music or we watch the video. As a "snack" during the lesson I take the map of Italy and introduce to students some nice holiday place. And I tel them my own experiences about my trips. Food is a good argument. Often I also offer something to taste.
    This I do because I know that adults can be very tired in the evening; they come to the lessons also for fun and for a good company.