mercoledì 11 giugno 2014

Hello I`m Iris from Germany. I`m living at Bonn, nearby Cologne, the former capital of Germany ( some 24 years ago). Since 2007 I´m working as a freelancer teacher with adult immigrants round over the world teaching german as a second language. I`ve also some experience in teaching children and teens in italian language, becauce originally I ´d studied french and italian language. But I `ve never worked with a blog till now, so I hope I´ll manage to comunicate with you all. And I already feel like a stranger, how the h.... does it work. I love my work despite the disastrous financial situation of freelancer teachers in germany. Right now I attend a class about alphabetization...I´m changing flat and ... looking forward the summer....
After a little odyssey in the modern world of multimedia I finally hope to have made it to your blog.
cu iris

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