domenica 22 giugno 2014

I live in Athens, in the zone of Petroupoli that in Greek means Stone City.

My town is situated in the northwestern part of Athens. It is a high spotted place with a great view; you can see the port of Piraeus and also Acropolis from the hill.
Every summer in my town we have the Petra Festival, a big event with many theatrical and musical spectacles. So this period my home town is very vivid.  

Nearby there is also one of the few parks in Athens, the “Environmental Awareness Park” (Tritsis Park) a gem of simple, natural beauty, a welcome respite from Athens’ booming construction and urbanization.
Unfortunately we have no lakes, bicycles or rivers like the most European cities since Petroupoli is a part of a big modern by now city, but we have great weather, sun, good food, very attractive meeting points in many squares and a very special atmosphere full of energy and positive influence.
Of course the historical center, where the ancient Greek civilization was born is very close and the exploration of it never ends...

The word that comes to my mind is ζωηρός, "spirited" in English.

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