giovedì 12 giugno 2014

Teaching/ learning experience

Learning and teaching a foreign language has been always a passion for me. Since I was studying at English Teaching Department, I've been trying to learn Spanish and French, and new methods, techniques, and strategies to use in my teaching classes. The first thing I have to mention is about the components of one of my typical lesson. I determine my goal for each lesson. I decide what standards my lessons will be centered on, and plan activities around the standards. Secondly,I decide what I will do to achieve the planned objectives; how this experience or activity will be conducted; what questions that encourage learning will be asked; how I will stimulate children’s interest; and what materials I will need to teach this lesson. Then,I write down materials that students will need to use to complete the activity, and consider what I will do while the students are working. After this, I check the students' work for understanding; create a tool at the end of the lesson to assess if the students learned the material or if I might need to introduce it again, and check their understanding, so I can plan your next set of lessons and know where to go next. At the end of each lesson, I ask myself how it went. I appraise the quality of my teaching and what I can do to make my lesson better next time. Also, I want to talk about my favorite method, which is Communicative Language Teaching (CLT). I think Communicative language teaching makes use of real-life situations that necessitate communication. I have a chance to set up a situation that students are likely to encounter in real life. With his method, I can find myself talking less and listening more becoming active facilitator of my students' learning. I set up the exercise, but because the students' performance is the goal, I must step back and observe, sometimes acting as referee or monitor. A classroom during a communicative activity is far from quiet, however. My students do most of the speaking, and frequently the scene of a classroom during a communicative exercise is active, with students leaving their seats to complete a task. Because of the increased responsibility to participate, my students may find that they gain confidence in using the target language in general. Briefly, my students find a chance to be more responsible managers of their own learning. The classroom activities I have been using with this method are that example activities, role play, interviews, information gap, games, language exchanges, surveys.

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