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The theme of the work-“ In the world of fairytales "

Childhood stories are those that remind us ripe, that helped us to develop our imagination, we were inspired by the small difference between good and bad and they made ​​us want to be heroes that saved the day. These stories are with children in childhood, helping the milestones of this period, they form theit character  and shape their development.

Ion Creanga’s story, “The Red Riding Hood, " gives children an important lesson: the indiscriminate trust for the advice of strangers can have unwanted consequences. The theme is very important because it evokes the moral consequences of the characters' behavior, creating capacity to appreciate good deeds and bad deeds disapprove.

The theme of the work-“ In the world of fairytales "

- Use correct writing instruments;
-          to recognize and identify letters by shape and define them;
-          to join the dots to build the image again;
-          to trace over the dotted words;
1. Absolution of riddles about the stories and characters;
2. Recognizing stories that includes some excerpts read by teacher;
3. Completion of elliptical sentences which refer to situations and characters from the known stories;
4. We'll play some magic with stars;
5.The last and the most difficult task. Successful resolution of this task will allow the surprise discovery of the magic box.

Rules of the game:
The child touched  with the  wand will reveal the answer to the riddle; the child will put  the  images  in a chronological order and will reproduce a fragment of the story; he  will name the character or  the story which includes a fragment presented by teachers; He will describe, will play the role of characters; he will determine the rightness or wrongness of certain statements relating to certain situations, happenings of the  stories; He recognizes some objects of the stories and character name which they belong to, to be expressed correctly in sentences and phrases; each task solved correctly will determine the advancement of the dwarf in crossing the river;

Elements of the game:

surprise, magic box , magis wand, applause, using lyrics, witchcraft, imitating the characters in the stories, handling materials;

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