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Town of Novi Iskar

My town - Novi Iskar, is located only 12 km away to the north from Bulgarian capital city of Sofia. 
Town of Novi Iskar, Municipality of Sofia, Bulgaria
It's built on the both banks of the largest river in Bulgaria - Iskar river.
As a town Novi Iskar was declared in May 1974, and today the town has a population just over 15,000 people. 
The city consists today from five neighborhoods: "Slavovtsi", "Kumaritsa", “Kurilo","Izgrev" and "Gniliane”.
Town of Novi Iskar has a rich history. 

Historical evidences indicates that more than 1000 years ago in the same place on which is today’s town of Novi Iskar, there was a life, for which evidenced the ancient Thracian mounds and tombs in three neighborhoods of the city today.
In the town of Novi Iskar has retained traces and scars from the Roman era, as through the town was passed one of the main roads of the Roman Empire - Via Traiana – the Traian road (talking about the I-st ​​and II-nd century A.D.) which was passed at the foot of near Stara Planina mountain.

Today the town is strongly linked with the dynamic economy of Bulgarian capital Sofia, as in the city are developed the retail and services sector, tourism, organic farming etc.

The first word that comes to my mind when I think of my town is: tradition (in Bulgarian: tradicia). Novi Iskar is well known in Bulgaria with preserved and treasured folk traditions of this part of Bulgaria, also known by the name Shopluka region.

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