domenica 15 giugno 2014

Teaching experience

My students are motivated to learn English, but their listening and speaking skills are rather low. Students seldom have opportunity to listen authentic language (films are duplicated in Lithuania). The teaching of English, in my country puts more focus on grammar, reading and vocabulary than on listening and speaking. I try to focus on listening skills using Podcasts from various websites.

Podcasting has now become more and more popular as it can be listened to whenever, wherever and as many times as the listener wants. I want to raise the motivation of listening authentic listening material; to improve students` listening skills, to promote autonomous learning, to encourage to listen to English podcasts in their free time.

Students can practice their English language listening skills with Elementary Podcasts. Listen to them on their computer, or download them to mp3 player or smartphone. Downloadable pdf-file contains support materials and transcription of the podcast.

The technology tool I introduced motivated my students to learn English outside the regular classroom. Showing them the possibilities the Internet offers and introducing technology based activities lead to autonomous learning.

Greetings, Rita

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