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The objectives

q  Improving the skills to carefully track the text accessible to understand and reproduction of

q  Training aesthetic taste, cultivating pleasure to participate in a theater

q  Play some stories with puppets, using dialogue

q  Develop the habit of team work.


The teaching methods applied in pre-primary education are carefully chosen  to meet the requirements of each education level, the specific objectives of every category of activity and, most of all, the children’s age and individual particularities

      The oral communication methods utilized can be classified as explanatory methods (story  telling ,description , explanation, etc.) and conversational methods (conversation, heuristic conversation, questioning on a special subject, etc.). Teachers also use exploratory learning methods: direct exploration of objects and phenomena (systematic and independent observation, small experiments, etc.) and indirect exploration (demonstration through pictures, films, etc.);

During most of the activities, teachers use extensively methods based on the pupils’ direct voluntary action (exercises, practical work, etc.) and simulated action (didactic games, learning through drama, etc.);

In pre-primary education the game is the major modality to stimulate the mental and physical capacity of the pupils and to facilitate their adaptation  to the requirements of formal education.

Classes in Kindergarten No.1 Targoviste follow the educational alternative STEP-BY-STEP

The STEP BY STEP Alternative education class is focused on children's needs and is built on two main principles:
• Children create their own knowledge through experiences, interaction with the world around them;
• enhances teacher growth and development by directing the child's best interests, needs and quality.

The STEP BY STEP program objective is to develop every child capacity to:
• be creative, imaginative and resourceful;
• have a critical thinking and to be able to make choices;
• be able to define and solve problems;
• be concerned about the community, country and environment

Examples of activities conducted at the STEP by STEP Alternative Centers  : -Morning Meeting     - Make a Calendar of Nature

   - Educational game  ”The Wheel of Knowledge” that engages the children giving the teachers the opportunity to test and update their knowledge and also to make the transition to the new theme


The Objectives:

-development of the oral communication,

-understanding and correct utilization of the oral structures

-education of correct (phonetic, lexical and syntactic) oral communication;

development of creativity and expressiveness in oral communication,

-development of the writing skills (to understand and transmit intentions, thoughts and significance through writing);

Artistic expression or body (visual arts, dance, music, theater




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