lunedì 9 giugno 2014

Aveiro, Lisboa

I was born in Aveiro and lived there until I was 18 years old, its a city that grew up because of the extration of salt, that in the past was used to preserv food. This city is called the venice of portugal, there are a few canals in the city with colorful boats called "Moliceiro" that in the past was used to collect "moliço" some aquatic plants that were used as fertilizer in agriculture, today the boats are used to take turist for a walk at the city centre canals. What I like most about this city is that as it's flat and there are city bikes that you can use for free and it's 20 minutes far from beautiful beaches, like Costa Nova, where, when I was young I used to ask to stay forever.

From 18 to 28 and from 30 to 32 years old I lived in Lisbon which is a beautifull city with so much to offer build on the top of 7 hills which allows it to have several spots as view points where you can have amazing panoramas over the city. I like this city very much because you can easily find yourself inside little villages spirit tranquility and mentality right on a few the city centre spots, now mixed with youngsters and youngers alternative shops that are bringing to life old traditions and produts and activities but with a modern and contemporary influence. This city has printed a big part of lot my life as it was where I lived following my own choices and life style, some of this beautifull places I was even lucky to dance on them as I use to work with site specific choreographer. I have a lot of good friends there and its a place where I like to visit when I can and highly recomend to anyone who wants to visit Portugal, specially because around it, at 40 min distance there are so many beautifull and particular cities as green seamed out of a fairy tale Sintra, cultural seaside Cascais, and crossing the bridge there are beautifull beaches of Costa da Caparica that belong to Almada City. Right now is a city becoming each day with a very heavy depressive mood, with everyday more and more homeless, people losing there jobs, getting into finalcial depts situations, with less and less hope of a change and at some point feeling impotent to the political economic crises situation, that is most of all a consequence of a moral ethical crises of values being build in the last years that made rich more rich and all others more poor.

I was living one year and a half in Dublin, Ireland and another one in Palermo, in Sicily, in Italy, and so they are also part of my life, but at the moment none of them all I can feel as my city as I have been on a period of constante moving.

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